Monitor On Your Mobile

Surveillance of Home and Business

Technology has moved so quickly that having your own security system to monitor on your mobile is easily accessible. Indeed, switched on modern technology users can be monitoring their property via tablets or mobiles while at work, or overseas.  In fact most of us have the equipment to do this without spending to purchase additional software or hardware. Do you have a webcam? It is likely you can start right away.

There are many reasons why someone could want to monitor their home or their business. It may be as simple as wanting to witness a pet dog giving birth to puppies, or conversely wanting to see which neighbourhood dog is leaving unwanted presents on your nice garden lawn. More importantly, you will appreciate being able to remotely check that your home and possessions are secure. In the event of any break in or theft you can well understand the benefits of having recorded evidence to track your missing possessions.

Frightening Burglary Statistics

But do you really need to bother with home surveillance? Well, consider that there were over two and a half million cases of burglary and theft in the USA in 2012 alone. This ignores cases of robbery and while there are indications it is slightly improved in 2013 it is nonetheless a sobering statistic. Considered at a household level and allowing for year by year security risk there is almost a guaranteed payback for prudence and protection.

Select a Surveillance Application.

Some may want to monitor for more sinister reasons, such as a check on a cheating spouse, however most applications involve us in being able to check remotely for reasons of security. A single user can have access to multiple viewpoints including front doors, back doors and side views of a property, as well as internally. The technology enables you to start recording following a trigger such as movement in the vicinity of a motion sensor, and this can continue for a preset monitoring time. The limits to technology solutions are only limited by your imagination. Obviously the higher technology solutions can involve extra expenditure.

The application can be wired in to your property, or it could all be structured around a wireless application. The choice is yours. Of course that is just the on-site installation, the monitoring via your mobile is wireless just like all other mobile applications used via your mobile phone.

Get The Surveillance Equipment You Need.

There is a wide range of hardware and software available to scope your own professional application. On this web-site you can view and access most of the equipment you need. Monitoring remotely on your mobile, as well as recording on-site or off-site.  It is suggested you start with a relatively simple application just to get some experience, but there is no reason you cannot develop a fully professional remote monitoring capability, assuming you have some experience with using computers and associated hardware such as web-cams. The choice is yours, a relatively inexpensive system or a high quality remote monitoring and recording system. Once you consider the relatively small financial investment to protect personal property and valuables that are likely of significant value, it is a relatively cheap insurance, wouldn’t you agree?

Most of us can follow the simple step by step instructions to set up and operate a simple surveillance system. Once established whether in a home, a business, the baby’s nursery, or monitoring the garage and house surrounds you will experience the satisfaction of a job well done and you can be satisfied you are using technology as it was intended. Surprise your friends, but more importantly surprise any unwanted visitors as well. To your future success!

About the Author: Ronald encourages you to consider the simplicity of effective technology solutions.